About Sakura Studios

Welcome to Sakura Studios, your one stop shop for post media production.

Whether you are looking for simple to complex we provide a customized range of post media production services to assist in your creation. We primarily editing, sound design, visual and special effects, Foley and webcasting services to get your project to light

Our services are priced on a project by project basis as we primarily gear toward low budget productions, shorts, and web casted series.

Film & Media Editing

Like any video project, post-production is an integral part of any film and video project. Unlike some other post-production companies, we are a one stop shop for most of your production needs. We edit on state of the art systems and render the final project on our render farm to provide a quick, clean and professional product our clients enjoy.

We edit in Premiere and Resolve on state of the art PC based systems with full output capabilities.

We have the ability to work in any format and in any resolution, including up to 8K.

Web Casting & Flight Packs

Sakura Studios provides multi-platform broadcast streaming to virtually any website or streaming service such as YouTube, Twitch, U-Stream, Facebook and more.

Our system is utilizes a wide range of Black Magic components and use of our streaming servers, as well as a fast internet connection to output your project for professional events.

Our webcasting is only available in select markets (for in-studio projects) but customization abilities for remote usage depending on need.

Visual & Special Effects

Our team at Sakura Studios is quite adept at a wide range of special and visual effects for projects. Although we can do CGI animation, MOCAP and 2D/3D Animation, our specialty is in environmental visual and special effects.

If your looking to blow something up, destroy the planet or just have a subtle snow fall, we can make that happen. Especially blowing things up.

Utilizing professional software applications, we can turn any environment into anything your imagination can well, imagine.

Sound Design & Foley

As we indicated before, Sakura Studios can be your one stop shop for your post-production needs. We can provide your project with the necessary audio and visual effects to stimulate your senses. Our sound design team provides over 200,000 Foley effects, boom operation, spatial design and spatial engineering to provide your projects with a really interesting perspective to your auditory senses.

Although our post-production services covers a broad range of options, we also provide our services to low-budget, small funded projects in and around our selected locations. We understand the need that not everyone can afford professional services and some companies charge and arm and a leg and sometimes your first born child, a mortgage payment and even a kidney here and there.

At Sakura Studios, we offer a flexible range of rates for your production needs. We may not be I.L.M. but we do take pride in helping the little person.

As for our rates?

Rates start at $25 per hour per project based on type of project. For Low-budget or stream projects, rates start at $30 per project episode.

Streaming rates begin at $20 per hour per project based on type of project.

Depending on the amount of VFX/SPFX needed to render, we charge a flat rate of $150 per rendered output in addition to our basic services.