Visual & Special Effects
We create artificial CGI worlds, fix reflective surfaces and even animate where needed. From 2D animation and 3D environment, graphic design to Ui/Ux interfaces, our team can do a lot with very little.
Film & Video Editing
Got a finished film, video or streaming project that needs some final touch? Our team can edit and package your work for digital print, streaming or casting.
Foley & Sound Design
Our projects are more than just visual representations on paper, we provide the ambiance, effects, and accompaniment for various film and video productions.

Current Projects

Browse our list of current projects either in production or development.

Web Show Gaming & reviews
"The Sakura Show"
Sakura Studios online web show. We stream weekly on new topics of discussion, gaming, and even reviews. Check out or streams.
Paranormal, Dramatic Web Series
"Project Echo"
Oliver isn't your ordinary journalist. Sam isn't your typical girl, but when these to get together to keep a secret "a secret" they discover more than they think.
Paranormal Supernatural Drama
"The Destiny Theory"
Destiny, an average woman who works a normal office job is hiding more than she thinks. As a reincarnated soul of Artemis, she takes on a reincarnated Eqyptian God bent on ruling the world as she struggles for balance herself.
Spiritual Drama
"Seraphina's Goodbye"
Seraphina enjoys the holidays, loves her family, and is having the time of her life until a tragic situation takes everything from her. Now as she navigates through life, she must find a way to heal before it's too late.
Spiritual Drama
"Angel Falls"
Angels are more than just an invisible force we cannot see, they are living closer than you think. Nothing is as it seems in the small New Hampshire community of Pine Grove. Mitch is an Angel on a journey of redemption when he must come to terms as an Angel who cannot love while trying to earn his way back into heaven.
Paranormal Action Adventure Drama
"After Dark"
Science experiments have gone wrong and a new evil has been created and unleashed on the world. This prequel to the "Project Echo" series and tie-in to the "Destiny Theory" series shows just how wrong we all can be with paranormal experimentation.
Supernatural Drama
"The Fallen"
John, a former cop and Piper, a shy teen with two unbelievable pasts meet in the most unlikely way. one healing from the past while the other with a secret darker than secrets, teams up to discover both of their pasts have a common link.