THE CRAZY FUN PEOPLE (a.k.a. "The Tribe of Sakura")

Meet the people behind Sakura Studios. We are the "dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers", we dabble in the mysteries of media and movies, crafting, creating and culinary cuisine, and the enjoyment of making stuff for others. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things that are totally random.
Creative Producer, VFX Dir.
Editor & Sound Designer

Seraphina Piper

Sarah leads this tribe of highly creative individuals with her creative imagination, determination and a strong desire for sushi.

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Dinner by the Minute


The original host of Dinner by the Minute is back to assist in the content creation of online recipes.

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Director of Operations
Webcaster & Stream Tech


Our guru of all things I.T. & Streaming.
Like football? Try Bloodbowl!
David is also head of our Soccer team.

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Social Media Manager
Foley Artist


Alexis is the savvy one with all things social media. She also enjoys all things that are fuzzy and cute (cats, dogs & more)

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Executive Production Team


Lewis Mehta

Set Design
Production Management

Ben Vail

Content Creator
Staff Writer

Chris Gravenmeir

Operations and Oversight
Special Advisor

David T. King

Art Department | VFX & Animation

VFX Artist
2D Animation

Suki Hayashibara

VFX Artist
Environment & MOCAP

Mika Okuda

VFX Artist
Creatures & Characters

Ken Sutton

VFX Artist
3D Animation & Rigging

Edogawa Kenosawa

Production Crew

Student Intern
Digital Media

Alara Weibe

OHS Safety
Safety Supervisor

Joe Ranger

Systems I.T.
Pipeline Render Tech

Scott Schneider

BTS & Set Dec

Jodie Wakulchyk