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Ms. King and her team provided the best in post production services to our productions. From transcribing to editing, visual effects and even rushed editing. Their team was quick and on time.

Mika Okuda

Post Production Supervisor, TBN Japan

Sarah and her team at Sakura Studios were incredible in delivering our project on time and under budget. She provided reliable, detailed and cost effective work.

Jennifer Boudreau

Boudreau Films

Incredible team at Sakura Studios. They provided supurb streaming and game broadcasting for our tournaments and game leagues. Great Work!

Scott "Blazio" Schneider

Creative Manager, Myztek Mystics Gaming
Mika Okuda
Jennifer Boudreau
Scott "Blazio" Schneider
Recent News
March 9th, 2019 The Sakura Show
October 1st, 2019 Game Stream Broadcasting
August 27th, 2019 Sarah's Online Bookstore
Coming soon: Check for our "Dinner by the Minute" cookbooks coming soon to our site. Our fans are eagerly awaiting new recipes from our creative content creators.
September 5th, 2019
We have established our very own social network. Free from ads and open to artists. Join our new online community for artists, photographers, videographers and content creators.
October 1st, 2019
Sakura Studios is proud to announce our very own writers festival. Whether you write scripts, short stories, plays or novels, check out our festival for dates of submission and events.
November 1st, 2019

Seraphina's History (swipe left for more info)

Disney Interactive UI/UX Designer


Rivercity Media Assoc. Producer

Tachyon Studios Creative Director


Shaw TV Community Access Producer

Sakura Studios Creative Producer


Featured Project

Project Echo

Project Echo is a script based, short story paranormal, sci-fi production. Following the exploits of the main character "Oliver" and his discovery of an extra-ordinary girl with abilities beyond belief.

Project Echo

Featured Project

Seraphina's Goodbye

This is a web-short based on the adaptation of the novelette "Seraphina's Goodbye". The story is about an orphaned girl who is trying to come to terms of the loss of her family, being bullied and facing the harsh realities of life.

Seraphina's Goodbye

Featured Project

Lost Soul

"Lost Soul" is a faith-based production about the last surviving human on Earth. We discover what the world will be like if the last human alive had complete freedom while facing their own faith.

Lost Soul

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